Spam Comments and Google Analytics

If you are monitoring your Google Analytics, you probably have seen pages that get more comments than page views!

At first, I thought this was impossible, that you can’t write a comment without first opening the page. But, It turns out that you can write a comment in WordPress without ever opening the page.  In fact, it is not even necessary that you have a comment form on your page.

This trick is accomplished by spammers by writing directly to the WordPress file “wp-comments-post.php.” Spammers use scripts and send them out by the boatload.

Spam Comments are easy to spot

If your blog is in English, you will find many of the spam comments aren’t even in English. Obviously, the spammer doesn’t care if you actually read his comments. Many of the comments just consist of links back to the spammer’s product site of choice. And some comments go so far as to tell you what a wonderful job you are doing writing your blog before the spammer adds his link. Maybe he can flatter you into keeping his comment. And, finally, you will find that the spam comment will have nothing to do with your post.

What’s the point? We have to imagine that not everyone is as diligent as readers of this post in watching for spam. It works on the same principle as spam email. The spammer is looking for that one chance out of thousands  where the comment will stay  and create a backlink for the spammer’s own site.

Stopping spam comments

Short of disabling comments on your site,  the only real solution is to use a spam blocker. A spam blocker will automatically scan the comment to decide if it is spam and either delete it or move it to a folder for you to review later. This site uses the free Antispam Bee, an excellent antispam  plugin.

Even with a spam blocker, all comments should, in fact, be set to be moderated. Finally,  if you keep your spam comments to review, don’t forget  to clear them out occasionally so as not to fill up your space.

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