WordPress url and site url require the same domain name with 5.0.2

Since the latest update of wordpress, 5.0.2, the Gutenberg update, wordpress sites can no longer have the wordpress domain name different from the site domain name in the general settings – even when those two domain names point to the same server.

WordPress cannot always be posted on your main server

Example. You have a wordpress installation at myExtraDomain.com on ip address This server is a good place to create a wordpress site. However, your main site is at myMainDomain.com on a different server. MyMainDomain.com is a not a good place to host wordpress, but is ideal for all my other functionality. However, I want to use blog.myMainDomain.com to access my wordpress blog, so that the second level domain will be consistent for all my links.

What no longer works

Your old set-up was:

wordpress url: myExtraDomain.com/blog 
site url: blog.myMainDomain.com 

This seems the intuitive way to set this up and it worked prior to wordpress update 5.0.2. However, now your site will no longer update or publish, giving a CORS (Cross Origin Resource Sharing) error, even though both myExtradomain.com and blog.myMainDomain.com are actually pointing to the same server.

What works now

The fix is just to change the set-up to:

wordpress url: blog.myMainDomain.com/blog
site url: blog.myMainDomain.com

You still need an A Record on myMainDomain.com pointing to Now the CORS error is gone.

Although both set-ups should work, the second is the only set-up that now works.  I hope this helps someone else who has found themself in this situation.

Thanks to Otto on WordPress http://ottopress.com/ for help in troubleshooting this issue.

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